The Background of Felt

Most of the textile materials are woven which means that they are made on a loom and are interlocked with thread which is strung vertically and the thread which is strung horizontally. The thread which is vertically strung is called warp and the thread which is horizontally strung is called weft. When the warp and the weft are interlocked together, they form a flat piece of cloth.

On the other hand felt is a non woven dense fabric which does not have any weft or warp. Instead felt is made from compressed and matted fur or fiber. Felt is created when the fibers or animal skin are applied pressure along with the use of moisture and heat. Felt is normally made from wool with an addition of synthetic fiber so that the felt produced is resilient and sturdy for industrial and craft use. However there is certain type of felt made now days that are completely made of synthetic fiber. Felt is often used as lining or padding as it can be made very thick and is dense.

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