The history of felt material

Felt can be called as the oldest fabric known to man and to prove this there are many ancient writings on felt. As felt does not need to be produced by loom and is not even woven, it was easy for the ancient man to make it. Some of the remains of felt products were discovered in the tombs of horsemen of ‘Siberian Tlai Mountains’ in 700 BC. The tribes of nomadic horsemen made saddles, tents and clothes from felt material because it had high resistance against snowy and wet weather.

In the middle ages, there was a priest called Saint Clement was wondering when he accidently discovered the process of making felt. He is said to have stuffed some linen fiber and flax to make his sandals comfortable. Later the Saint discovered that the dampness of the ground coupled with the perspiration from his feet along with a combination of pressure it got from his feet had joined the two fibers together into a cloth. Later Saint Clement, he became the patron for hat makers in Rome.

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