What is felt?

Felt is a fabric made out of the fibers of wool or hair of the animals entangled together by steam or pressure without weaving, knitting or spinning. These kinds of fibers include fur, wool and certain other type of hair fibers that are matted together under right conditions because of their peculiar structure and high degree of crimp.

How are felt products produced?

felt4The fiber is first carded and then dyed to get the required colour. There are 42 different kinds of colours that can be used to dye the fabric. Dyeing can be done with the help of hand or machine. Although it is considered better to dye with a machine. After the colouring process is completed the labourers compress the raw material that is the fabric itself by hand and with the help of soap and hot water. The felt products that are made out of them are completely homemade and no chemical is used in its production. Shape is given with the help of sewing or patching. While it is wet the shape is quickly given in whatever shape you want it to be in.

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