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The Background of Felt

Most of the textile materials are woven which means that they are made on a loom and are interlocked with thread which is strung vertically and the thread which is strung horizontally. The thread which is vertically strung is called warp and the thread which is horizontally strung is called weft. When the warp and the weft are interlocked together, they form a flat piece of cloth.

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Make Gorgeous Your Home Using Decoration Felt

Felt is a form of textile that is prepared through pressing and condensing the fibers with no apparent threads. Rugs, pillows, quilts and many other things are produced through felt. Decoration felt is pretty much in fashion these days. Stylish rugs, wall hangings, mats and many different forms of felt arts crafts are being used in home décor. Decoration felt items are produced industrially as well as individually to sell to the people demanding it.

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