Quality Control of Felt Material

The process of quality control starts when the materials arrive. The felt is checked for its weight and quality particularly. Some of the companies purchase wool which has been baled and scoured, the originality of the bales is tested when it gets in.

Another thing is that the carded webs are monitored, since the web sizes determine the width and length of felt. After the batts are shrunk, the company checks the density, length, width, evenness and weight of the batts. After the production is done, visual check may detect that the base is slightly uneven and may require to be additionally pressed to even out. The process of acid bath is closely monitored specifically. Every time the fabric is put in the acid bath the length and weight of yard is calculated precisely or else the material is spoiled. The companies that are producing felt for industrial use have to check whether the material meets the standards set by the government or not.

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