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This kind of felting does not require any water

Different methods of producing felt from wool

Needle felt

This kind of felting does not require any waterThis kind of felting does not require any water. Needle felting is a popular technique where special kinds of needles are used in the machines of industrial felting and is made use by artists in the process of shaping them. As the needle enters the wood, the needles have cuts along the tube of the needle that hold the top layer of the fiber and knots the top layer of the fibersin the n the inner layers together. Once the fiber is knotted and condensed using the needle, the felt becomes strong and can be used for making sculptures or jewellery. You can reach the fine details of the fiber by making use of methods of hand held tools, such as, using a single needle or small groups of needles around 2 to 5. At the end of this it is used to produce 2D and 3D felted products. Thus, we can see that needle felting is a completely different job when compared to water felting process. More hard work is seen to put in the needle felting job and it is unlike the previous mentioned job.