Decor your home with design felt

Simplicity, beauty and pure nature.

The style of design wool felt brings even more than just 100% of natural material. It brings revolution in design, because of its great qualities, which pave the way for architects and various designers to use design wool felt in their products. Customer´s satisfaction is determined not only by originality, extra soft surface, new ideas and elegance – but also by variety of possibilites to create your own design without any borders.

Advantages of a wool felt

Most of all design wool felt is so special because of its material quality, which is created by processing of high-quality pure wool. This originally comes from MERINO sheep. Wool from this breed of sheep is considered as the best and the softest wool between all of the wool kinds. Sheep wool has also positive effect on environment, because of its self-renewing material with the ability to decompose in natural way. The wool is supposed to have great qualities because of its origin too, like homogenous and antireflexive surface, air permeability, sound and isolation resistance as well as many others.

Create from a house your home

If you already has your own housing, you know how important it is to feel comfortable and cozy in it. It is the only safe place, your start point of every day. Where should you feel like home, when not there? But home, it is not the walls, table or wardrobe – it creates supplements and decorations. Be different and create your own design. Design wool felt products give your flat another dimension of home. And why not both of them even all together?

Suggest your own design wool felt decoration. If you are a creative kind of person – you can choose from wide range of colors and possibilities. Fantasy is not an option, with REFIMA it is reality.

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