5 advantages of decoration felt

You can encompass both styles- beauty and safety together in traditional fabric to perk up your living space.

From time to time, you don’t have to spend money just on functional stuff, but you are allowed to bring a special sparkle to your house to make it feel more like home. Because home is where your heart is, where your keys open your door and where you feel yourself. And there is no better way than to use some decorations to shake it up a little bit. Let’s look at a list why this time, you should try decoration felt to light up your kingdom.
Natural product

Wool felt is 100% eco-friendly material that is produced by pressing moisturised fibres together. Moreover, felt is an answer for all allergic persons due to its hypoallergenic structure. So say goodbye to synthetical itchy carpets. Especially, you will feel the difference yourself as well as its importance to save the Earth by using renewable materials.

Great qualities

However you are not going to set a campfire in the middle of the living room, but if something goes wrong, it’s good to know that felt is flame resistant. There are endless possibilities on how you can stir up this year’s Christmas table sitting by creating (or just buying) an unforgettable decorations. Felt can be produced to be water repellent, so don’t cry over spilt milk, just take a napkin, wipe it off and here you go.

Wide range of uses

Literary, you can use decoration felt for anything. Do you want to change your old lamp? Use felt lampshade. Are you tired of paper boxes? Change them with beautiful felt ones. Felt can be easily used as a coat of a chair, carpets, decorative cushions, little “under the table” tabourets and so on.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer elegant – clear lines style – or if you are looking for goofy one. Generally, felt can be adapted to yourself. Either in colours, or textures. You can create your own decorations that no one would ever have the same.

Technology & tradition

As I mentioned, felt has its long-living tradition. There are even traces back to the date 6500 B.C. Felt is still used by nomads Mongolia to create yurts, in South Central Asia as tent covering, rugs and blankets. Currently, there is a huge interest in felt making ever the world and its design and techniques are spreading. Follow the trends that are proved by centuries and modernised by presence.

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